Moscow 2600 meetings

We meet in a public area. Nobody is excluded. There is no admission charge or dues of any sort. It's preferable to have meetings in as open a spot as possible rather than behind closed doors. This ensures that new people who don't know about the meetings will be drawn in. We have nothing to hide and we don't presume to judge who is worthy of attending and who is not.

We act in a responsible manner. We don't do illegal things and we don't cause problems for the place we're meeting in. Most 2600 meetings are welcomed by the establishments we choose.

We meet on the first Friday of the month between 7 pm and 11 pm local time in bar RNDM at Moscow, Nastavnicheskiy Lane 13-15s3. While there will always be people who can't make this particular time, the same will hold true for any time or day chosen. By having all of the meetings on the same day, it makes it very easy to remember, opens up the possibility for inter-meeting communication, and really causes hell for the federal agencies who want to monitor everything we do. A few meetings have slight variations on the meeting time - these are noted accordingly.

2600@2600.ru and if you use PGP, our key here.

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